The power decreasing of photovoltaic modules

During the time spent making daylight based loads up,  normally experience distinctive quality issues, which is the main role behind the power decreasing of photovoltaic modules during power age, 4 inch square steel tubing prices. Ordinary quality issues are:

1. The fragments are verified by silica gel and EVA development isn’t tidied set up, causing the obligation of outdoors dust, which may make issue regions hurt the parts.

2. Unreasonable spread or helper overlay. The overlay temperature is too much high, or the spread time is unreasonably long, and the part is fixed and re-overlaid. After the high temperature of the portion, the EVA yellowing developing coefficient is extended. If it is used outside for a long time, it will be yellow in the associate materials, for instance, EVA and back sheet. The change will over the long haul lead to a vital drop in the power age of the module.

3. There are blemishes or sullying inside the battery when it is picked. The blemish of the battery will be revealed in the long time of usage, and the force of the part is phenomenally diminished. The assurance of cell producers is fundamental, and part creators should moreover be outfitted with relevant testing instruments, for instance, EL sorters, EL analyzers, etc., to diminish the issue of cell stream into the creation method.

4. Air pockets. There are obvious air pockets in the section. After whole deal use, the air pocket zone increases and even makes a perpetual air pocket channel, which will make the part limit drop and unavoidably cause the section to be unusable.

5. virtual welding. The welding zone of ​​the circuit inside the part is pretty much nothing. Under the unforgiving climatic conditions, the affiliation disillusionment happens in light of the effect of high and low temperature substituting, ultimately the power of the module is altogether reduced.

6. battery film canister. The power and current binning of the battery in the part are clashing, and the real yield force of the fragment is too much not exactly equivalent to the theoretical force of the portion. Clashing binning will cause varieties from the standard in the electrical show test twist of the part, causing a hot plate sway, which will remarkably lessen the section control for a long time.

7. broken battery pieces. There is a covered cell in the module, and its ability is imperceptibly lower than that of the standard detail. In the whole deal use process, the covered parts are elevated, making more zone be reduced from the part circuit and causing issue region sway. The parts are issue zones and even expended.

8. Movement isn’t used fittingly. (1) Abuse of movement. There is more change development outwardly of the battery. It isn’t treated before packaging. Utilization after exemplification is definitely not hard to cause greening of the fix strip, increase portion restriction and decline part control. In like manner, when the extra movement has a little PH regard, it may react with the EVA to cause yellowing, achieving a decrease in the force of the module. (2) When the battery is attached, the movement is improperly used, causing the EVA to react with the change, encircling a ton of white spots outwardly of the battery, and the force of the module is unimaginably reduced.

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