Galvanized and seamless steel pipe

The difference between galvanized steel pipe and seamless steel pipe can be understood as galvanized seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. Zinc plating refers to the coating of a layer of zinc on the surface of metal, alloy or other materials for aesthetics and rust prevention, 4×4 square tubing price. Surface treatment technology. The seamless steel pipe is made of a single piece of metal with no seams on the surface, called a seamless steel pipe.

Galvanized seamless steel pipe

There are two types of steel pipes: seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. The galvanized steel pipe is galvanized on the steel pipe. It can be a seamless steel pipe or a welded steel pipe. Seamless steel pipes can be processed into galvanized seamless steel pipes. Steel pipes may be seamless steel pipes or welded steel pipes.

Galvanized steel pipes and seamless steel pipes are two categories of steel pipes. Zinc plating refers to the surface of steel pipes being galvanized. It may be welded pipes or seamless pipes. Seamless refers to the manufacturing process of steel pipes, with welding and Seamless points. Galvanized pipes are resistant to corrosion and seamless pipes can withstand higher pressures.

Use difference: galvanized steel pipe is generally used to make fences, fences, guardrails, balcony guardrails. Widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, schools, development zones, gardens, plazas, residential areas and other places.

Galvanized steel pipes are not easy to rust due to zinc protection. Galvanized steel pipes are lighter than seamless steel pipes. If it is used for balconies, it is best to use galvanized light pipes. Seamless steel pipes are not suitable for balcony. Because the seamless steel pipe wall thickness, the natural weight is heavy, and the cost of the seamless steel pipe is higher than the cost of the galvanized steel pipe, and the galvanized steel pipe is very durable, and the service life is far more than the seamless steel pipe.

After the surface of the seamless steel pipe is galvanized, it is a galvanized seamless steel pipe. After we understand the role of steel pipe galvanizing, it is not difficult to understand the difference between galvanized steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. It should be noted that the galvanized steel pipe is not only non-corrosive than the seamless steel pipe, so the role of galvanizing is only to make the surface of the steel pipe more beautiful and rust-proof to extend the use time.

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