How to increase the amount of electricity generated by photovoltaic systems

The power of each PV module is different, depending on the process and quality control, of course, the higher process and quality control products, the price is naturally higher. In the case of fixed product choices, it is necessary to consider the following aspects to increase power generation:

1.dust removal system, this should be a low cost, good effect system, after the components are dusted, the natural power generation is reduced, simple dust removal can be washed with water, this can be done manually.

How to increase the amount of electricity generated by photovoltaic systems

2.concentrating system, practice has proved that adding concentrating system on the component can increase the power generation by more than 5 times. This technology is not very popular in domestic application. It exists in the concentrating and will not overheat due to components. And reduce the life, too precise, high cost and other details.Steel Profile suppliers

3.Chasing the Japanese system, the installation of cheap components, the components are fixed, which naturally cannot maximize the light attraction. Practice has proved that a good chasing system can greatly increase the unit power generation. Naturally, the system increases. It is also an increase in installation cost.

Several types of transformer selection techniques commonly used in photovoltaic systems in medium and large-scale projects?

1.Electrical isolation: The primary and secondary of the isolation transformer are powered by magnetic circuit. The components are electrically isolated from the grid, which can prevent the DC component and leakage current from entering the grid. It is suitable for the component negative grounding system.

2.matching voltage: Some countries’ grid voltage is different from that in China. For example, the US is single-phase 110V, three-phase 220V, and a transformer can be added behind the inverter to match the voltage of the access country.

3.In the suppression component PID solution, the isolation transformer is connected behind the inverter, and then the potential of the N-pole of the photovoltaic system is raised, and the potential of the negative pole of the component is indirectly raised to achieve the purpose of suppressing the component PID.

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