Screw and the spiral steel rebar

Speaking of rebar, everyone must be very familiar with it. When it comes to the snail, everyone is familiar and can’t do it. So, what is the difference between the screw and the spiral steel rebar? Before talking about the difference between the screw and the rebar, this article first explains to you what is the rebar and what is the conch.

Rebar is a common name for hot rolled ribbed bars. The grade of ordinary hot-rolled steel bars consists of the minimum value of the yield point of HRB and the grade. H, R, and B are the first English letters of the words hot rolled, ribbed, and bar.

Screw and the spiral steel rebar

China’s standards recommend a series of rebars with nominal diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50 mm. The delivery length is divided into two types: fixed length and double size. China’s export rebar has a range of 6~12m, and domestic rebar has a length of 9m and 12m.

The disk screw snail, as the name suggests, is a rebar like a wire, which is generally 6.5-8.0-10-12-14. Generally, at the time of delivery, the snail is over-weighted, mainly because the snail is on the plate and cannot be inspected. The snails circulating in the market are generally divided into three-stage snails and four-stage snails.

The most fundamental difference between the screw and the rebar is that the rebar is only 9-12 meters, and the screw can be intercepted as needed. Talking about their relationship is more like a relationship with inclusion and inclusion.steel coil ppgi

It is clear to those who know the steel industry that rebar is widely used in the current construction industry. What are the specific applications? Let’s talk about it together.Construction and engineering rebar applications are mostly used in construction, bridges, ships, boilers and other steels that require metal construction, and the multi-purpose steel is carbon structural steel. The mechanical construction field uses alloy structural steel and needs to be very good. Hardness.

Moreover, everyone will use all kinds of tools in life, of course, the tools of steel manufacturing, and the steel for making tools is mostly mold steel, and there are special steels that are used only in certain special fields, such as endurance-resistant steel. Heat can not afford leather steel, etc. In short, different steels are used in more and more areas in our lives, and the scope of use is also growing.
Later, we will explain in batches about the applications of rebar and other steel applications. Welcome to pay more attention to Beijing Tianxiangcheng Steel and learn more about the steel industry.

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