Seamless and ERW stainless steel tube

What are the raw materials needed to make the Seamless & ERW stainless steel tube?

The seamless steel pipe is made of a solid round steel “steel billet” that heats and pushes or pulls the formed steel until the steel is formed into a hollow tube. Billet is sourced from indigenous suppliers and abroad. The main indigenous suppliers are JSPL, JSW and Kalyani, which are imported from well-known factories in Europe, Far East, Canada and China.

It is necessary to manufacture ERW stainless steel tube HR coils. The main suppliers of these human resource coils are SAIL, Essar, JSW, Lloyds and others.

seamless steel pipe

What is the difference between seamless and ERW stainless steel tubes?

Electric resistance welded (ERW) tubes are manufactured by rolling metal and then longitudinally welding over its length. The seamless tube is manufactured by extruding the metal to the desired length; therefore, the cross section of the ERW tube has a welded joint without any joints in the cross section of the seamless tube running through its length.

In a seamless tube, there is no weld or joint, made of solid round billets. Seamless pipe sizes and wall thickness specifications are from 1/8″ to 26″ OD. Suitable for high pressure applications such as hydrocarbon industry and refinery, oil and gas exploration and drilling, oil and gas transportation, and air and hydraulic cylinders, bearings, boilers, automobiles and many more.

ERW (resistance welded) pipe is longitudinally welded and manufactured from strip/coil to a maximum of 24″ outer diameter. The ERW tube is formed from a cooled steel strip that is pulled through a series of rollers and forms a tube that is melted by electric charge. It is mainly used in low/medium pressure applications such as water/oil transportation. Pearlites Steel is one of India’s leading ERW stainless steel tube manufacturers and exporters. Contact us for product details.

Common sizes for ERW steel tubing range from 2 3/8″ OD to 24″ OD, from various lengths to over 100 feet. The surface treatment is available in both bare and coated form, and processing can be carried out on site according to customer requirements.

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