Solar photovoltaic module power generation system

Generally speaking, the photovoltaic bracket assembly can be divided into two types according to the connection manner of the device, one is welding type, and the other is assembly type. In residential buildings, the use of pre galvanized square tubing for photovoltaic supports is not suitable for welding brackets. Both connections have their own characteristics.

For the assembly type of photovoltaic bracket, the most remarkable feature is that the assembly and disassembly speed is fast, no welding is required, and the construction of the bracket is processed, the coating has uniform corrosion resistance and good durability, not only construction Fast and beautiful. The welding type of the photovoltaic bracket adopts the process requirements of the steel steel angle steel, the channel steel, the square steel and the like, and the strength of the connection is relatively high, and the price is low, which is the most important bracket connection method on the market today. However, there are some disadvantages in the welding bracket, that is, the corrosion prevention at the joint is relatively difficult. In the field construction, the cost is relatively high and the speed is slow.

The working principle of solar photovoltaic module power generation system:

1. Working principle of off-grid system:

The core component of solar photovoltaic power generation is the solar panel, which converts the solar light energy directly into electrical energy, and stores the electric energy generated by the solar battery in the storage battery through the controller. When the load is powered, the electrical energy in the battery is reasonably distributed to the various loads through the controller. The current generated by the solar cell is direct current, which can be directly applied in the form of direct current, or it can be converted into alternating current by an alternating current inverter for use by an alternating current load. The energy generated by solar power can be used immediately, or it can be stored by an energy storage device such as a battery, and used when needed.
2. Working principle of grid-connected system:

The grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system has a solar cell array that converts light energy into electrical energy, and enters the grid-connected inverter through the DC wiring box. Some types of grid-connected photovoltaic systems also need to be configured with battery packs to store DC power. The AC power output by the inverter is used for the load, and the excess electric energy can be fed back to the public power grid (which can be called selling electricity) through a power transformer or the like. When the grid-connected PV module system is insufficient for power generation due to climate reasons or its own power consumption is too large, the public grid can be supplemented with AC power (called power purchase).

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