The New Trend of the Chinese Diet Culture(I)

Diet is the second life element of the Chinese people in the “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, and is also an important social media for the Chinese. However, a recent survey showed that eat alone is becoming more popular, and more consumers are beginning to enjoy the independence of diet and advocating the ”single consumption philosophy”.

Eat alone, no longer alone

The word ”eat alone” originated from the video channel created by Cai Yani, who was engaged in the media industry in 2012. This new word is now a buzzword on the Internet. ”eat alone” also has more than 1.5 million fans. ”The ‘filling the stomach’ and ‘enjoying life’ are two different things,” said Eddie Cheng, a partner of ”eat alone”. ”Many people leave their homes to go to a big city to study or work hard. The concept of ‘one person eating’ is to give them support and encourage – A person should also treat himself well and improve his physical and mental state.”Galvanized Steel Tube

Like the ”eat alone” team that advocates ”one person should also eat well”, the Uncle Cat who runs Japanese restaurants in Shanghai and Guangzhou also has a lot of experience about the rise of eating alone: ”I will wait for the waiter in the shop and eat alone. The guest talked a few more words.” In terms of store design, the Uncle Cat set a 20% bar counter for one person to avoid the shackles of the table. Uncle Cat said that it is more mainstream for two or four people to have lunch, but the proportion of one person’s food is also 10% to 20%. ”A decade ago, the proportion of people eating was still very small. Now, with the high popularity of smartphones, one-person diners holding mobile phones while watching movies and wiping WeChat have become more and more popular.” Uncle Cat said, one person Diners often order expensive meals, “Feeling is a consumer compensation.” This winter, his restaurant launched a small hot pot designed for single-dinners. ”It’s been cold recently and it’s selling very well.”

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