The requirements of double-beam cranes are getting higher

With the continuous development of the crane industry, the requirements of construction companies for the double-beam cranes are getting higher and higher. For lifting operations, the crane is not only limited to the general lifting performance, but also requires simple operation and simple operation, which is a new requirement for the crane.As for the advantages of simple cranes, the following points are summarized.

The requirements of double-beam cranes are getting higher

1.Simple structure and low cost.

Large cranes are complex in structure and require more material. Therefore, its cost is relatively high. A simple crane does not have this problem at all. Its structure is relatively simple and requires less material, so the price is relatively low.gantry crane supplier

2.The operation is simpler and the transportation is more convenient.

Usually, we often see large cranes. Although it can meet the movement and handling of heavy equipment, its operation is more complicated. In addition, it takes up a lot of space because the structure of large cranes is more complicated. The simple crane has a simple structure, simple operation, less environmental constraints, and a relatively large operating range. At the same time, it is also easy to transport. Can be used flexibly in a variety of situations.

3.Saving loading and unloading costs and reducing construction costs

Although double girder cranes will have to be found in many construction sites, in many cases, engineering is not a very demanding carrying capacity, so the use of large lifting opportunities creates a waste of resources. If a simple crane is used, this problem can be solved well. It saves transportation costs and reduces costs.

In fact, the advantages of the double girder crane are not only the three points mentioned above, but also many. A simple crane is a reliable device if the weight of the load is not very large, or if the on-site operation is not sufficient. Simple cranes are an indispensable device in modern engineering in terms of cost and operation.

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