The small-size C profile steel

The small-size C profile steel often appears in the building construction, that is to say, the steel is advantageous as a building material. It not only has strong firmness, but also has high stability. In the same application, compared with the previously used aluminum alloy, the small-size C-shaped steel not only has the advantages of unique shape and reduced usage, but also has good environmental protection. In various building constructions, the movable room is a big beneficiary of C-shaped steel. Not only can the coffin of the movable room be C-shaped steel, but the bracket and beam are made of this material. In addition, it can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components to meet different usage requirements. In order to facilitate the processing of steel c profile, in addition to the special C-shaped steel forming machine, the processing of different types of c profile can be automatically completed according to the size required by customers. Of course, with the development of C-shaped steel, its application is far more than this, and it will be in various fields of various industries.Steel Profile suppliers

The small-size C profile steel

TheĀ  small-size C-shaped steel is cold-formed by hot coiling, the wall is thin and light, the cross-section performance is excellent, and the strength is high. Compared with the traditional channel steel, the same strength can save 30% of the material. C-shaped steel is applicable. C-shaped steel is widely used in steel slabs and wall beams, and can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components. In addition, it can also be used for columns, beams and arms in mechanical light manufacturing. The length can be determined according to the engineering design, but considering the conditions of transportation and installation. C-shaped steel processing process, C-shaped steel is automatically formed by C-shaped steel forming machine.

The small size C-shaped steel is made of high-strength steel plate, and then cold-formed and roll-formed. Compared with the traditional hot rolling, the same strength can save 30% of the material. A new type of steel is produced. The C-shaped steel is used for the given C-shaped steel size. The molding machine is automatically machined. Compared with ordinary c-shaped steel, the price of small-size C-shaped steel can not only be preserved for a long time but the material is unchanged, and its corrosion resistance is relatively strong, but its weight is also slightly heavier than the accompanying C-shaped steel, in addition, It also has a uniform zinc layer, a smooth surface, strong adhesion, high dimensional accuracy, all surfaces are covered by zinc, and the surface zinc content is usually 120-275g / m2, which can be said to be a strong protective. So which industries can the galvanized C type be used in? The unique characteristics of galvanized C-shaped steel can be widely used in the purlins and wall beams of steel structures, and can also be combined into lightweight building trusses, brackets and other building components. In addition, it can also be used for mechanical light manufacturing. Columns, beams and arms in the profile supplier

In the steel structure of the small-sized C-shaped steel equipment, since the section of the profile is relatively developed, the width-to-thickness ratio of each of the constituent plates is often large, and the section is easily convex. The small-size C-shaped steel design allows local instability of the plate, and the strength after the buckling of the plate is one of the important means to exert the economic benefits of such components. In order to use the material economy, a large allowable stress is usually used under conditions that can be guaranteed and deformed. For light loads, use thin plates, only a part of which acts as an effective section of the strut or beam, allowing it to undergo large deformations when it is in line with our expectations.

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