The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe

Due to the existence of the metal mesh in the steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, it is determined that the composite pipe has innate traceability, and it is not necessary to embed a tracking or protection mark, so that the magnetic metal can be used for searching, which can effectively avoid the excavation damage, and is safe. Operation and rescue and maintenance provide great convenience, galvanized steel pipe for sale. Corrosion resistance and wear resistance The imported high-density polyethylene used in the steel composite wire composite pipe is a crystalline non-polar material with very stable chemical properties, resistant to erosion by various chemical media, and no electricity. Chemical corrosion.

The inner wall is smooth, and the conveying resistance is small. The steel wire skeleton plastic composite pipe adopts an internal setting process, and the inner surface thereof is smoother than the inner wall of the steel pipe, the roughness is 0.01 mm, and the inner surface roughness of the steel pipe is 0.2 mm, and the conveying capacity under the same conditions is higher than that of the steel pipe. It is about 30% higher. At the same time, the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and wear-resistant, the conveying resistance is small, no scaling and no waxing, and the long-term operation energy-saving effect is obvious.

The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is a steel wire frame which is wound by a high-strength steel wire and is made of a high-density PE. It is a solution to the problem of pressure bearing of plastic pipes. Its unique materials and combinations make it have the following Characteristics of the impact: impact resistance and dimensional stability The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe has a large nuclear bearing pressure of 3.5MP, and the elasticity of the steel is usually about 200 times that of the high-density polyethylene. The rigidity, impact resistance and dimensional stability of the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe are superior to any plastic pipe.

At the same time, the structural characteristics of the mesh steel skeleton itself make the composite pipe retain moderate flexibility in the axial direction. The national contract has the characteristics of rigidity and flexibility, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and can effectively settle or slip with the upper layer. The longitudinal load caused by surface vehicles and the like has good operational reliability.

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