Analysis of the construction process of reinforcing steel engineering in construction


Many industries in China have reached an advanced stage because of the rapid development of science and technology, and have gained great economic benefits. And so is the construction industry, which has also developed to a certain stage through the continuous development and improvement of steel reinforcement technology by means of science and technology. But because of the steel engineering technology still has certain defects and problems, and the quality of steel is also uneven, resulting in many of China’s building construction team in building construction often appear quality, technology and other aspects of the problem, and in some small details if not pay attention to will also affect the overall steel reinforcement of the building large structure.

And if you do not drop these common problems in a timely manner to identify and deal with, for the entire building construction progress and quality will cause a certain impact.

  Common problems affecting the quality of reinforcing steel works

  1. Rebar material is not up to standard

Reinforcing steel material is an important part of the construction project, and is also one of the most important types of construction materials. Therefore, the quality and standards of reinforcing steel materials must be strictly controlled in the construction of building projects to ensure the overall quality of the building and the durability of the building. Some enterprises pay too much attention to the construction cost and ignore the quality and strength of reinforcing steel materials when purchasing construction materials, and only choose inexpensive materials; while some enterprises do not strictly check the quality of all materials when purchasing reinforcing steel or relevant supervisors do not seriously check the materials just imported before construction.

The use of substandard rebar materials, in the construction personnel to carry out rebar welding and other work is easy to cause fractures and other phenomena, not only on the overall quality of the building has an impact, more likely to accidentally injured the construction personnel, increasing the incidence of accidental injury.

  2. Insufficient reinforcement

In building construction, we should not only pay attention to the strict control of the quality of reinforcement, but also pay attention to whether there are deviations in the number of reinforcement mountain. Before the construction of the building, the number and specification of reinforcement will be clearly specified in the building construction design plan according to the previous calculation and analysis. The standard number of reinforcement can increase the load capacity of the reinforcement to a certain extent, and cooperate with other materials to improve the overall durability and compressive resistance of the building.

However, some construction departments verify the reinforcement in a loose and relaxed manner before construction and do not supervise and manage it according to the specified data, which not only causes damage to the frame structure of the whole building, but also increases the vulnerability and danger of the building, increases the probability of injury to the construction personnel and users, and seriously affects the service life of the building.

  3. Misalignment of steel bars

Before the construction work is carried out, there are professionals who analyze and budget the quality and load capacity and flexibility indices of each building material in advance. In general, this budget will have a certain error range, as long as the calculation error is controlled within the range, it can ensure the overall compressive resistance and durability of the building.

However, many architectural design calculation is not rigorous, once the error exceeds the allowable range, not only will the overall steel frame structure will have a certain impact, more likely to appear steel cracks, fractures, bending and other phenomena, resulting in the collapse of the building steel frame structure and other consequences, not only to the overall quality of the building damage, more likely to cause injury to construction personnel when problems arise, accidental casualties and other serious phenomena, not only increases the The cost and danger of construction projects, but also to the development of construction enterprises caused a certain obstacle.

  Reinforcing steel construction technology in building construction

  1. Steel processing

In the construction process of building engineering, the processing of reinforcing steel is very important, therefore, in the process of processing reinforcing steel must be based on the design drawings for the processing of reinforcing steel in building engineering, strict control of the quality of the materials, specific gravity, to ensure that the ratio of reinforced concrete and processing in full compliance with the construction needs, the best reinforcing steel processing in the field, processing personnel should be processed before the processing of processing materials for Before processing, the processing personnel should make scientific selection of processing materials and study the ratio of materials to ensure that the quality and ratio of reinforcement materials are not problematic and meet the design requirements.

In the process of steel structure processing, to ensure that the size of the reinforcing steel structure in line with the construction requirements of the building, after the completion of the processing of the storage of the reinforcing steel structure should also pay special attention to, not stored in the easily corrosive and destructive environment, to ensure that the reinforcing steel structure before the construction of the building is not damaged, does not affect the construction quality of the building project, and the service life of the reinforcing steel structure in line with the construction requirements of the building project.

  2. Reinforcing steel tying and installation

In the construction of reinforcing steel, the tying and installation of reinforcing steel is a very important work, before the tying and installation work, must have a good control of the specific information of the reinforcing steel, to ensure the correct size of the reinforcing steel, if found that the size of the reinforcing steel deviation or error is too large, must be corrected in time to avoid more serious quality problems.

Especially after the removal of the positioning bars, the surface of the reinforcing steel structure must be cleaned and the debris in the reinforcing steel structure must be disposed of, and then the tied and installed bars must be verified to ensure that the tying and installation of the bars are qualified to avoid excessive deviations. The use of excellent tying and installation techniques can ensure the error of the construction process, improve the accuracy of the reinforcement structure, and improve the seismic effect of the reinforcement structure.

  3. Longer reinforcement

Longer reinforcement is also a problem frequently encountered in the construction of reinforcement in building construction, especially in the design process, some designers often require the construction of long reinforcement to ensure the use of reinforcement effect. The technology of rebar extension is generally carried out by mechanical operation, butt welding, arc welding and electroslag welding are the three most commonly used methods of rebar extensions.

(1) butt welding horizontal bars using butt welding method for lengthening is more commonly used, welding is not strong, especially in the heat-affected zone when the phenomenon of pulling bending, the use of butt welding phenomenon will reduce the occurrence of fracture phenomenon.

(2) arc welding using arc welding for rebar length of the requirements of the rebar material is relatively small, suitable for most of the rebar material.

(3) Electroslag welding. Electroslag welding is more suitable for vertical rebar extensions in the range of rebar extensions. In the construction of rebar extensions, high-temperature melting is used to melt the rebar and then weld it using the resistance heat generated by the current in the process of slag pool circulation. In the process of welding, the welding process is very important, the welding process to carry out in-depth study, choose a scientific and reasonable welding process, so as to ensure the quality of the welding process is very important, after the completion of welding must be checked to ensure the quality of the rebar extension, after the end of the process, must be promptly cut off the power supply, the process of recycling and finishing the materials and tools used, to ensure that the subsequent work is still smooth. To ensure that the subsequent work is still carried out smoothly.

  4. Mechanical connection technology in the construction of reinforcing steel

In the construction industry of reinforced concrete construction heavy industry, mechanical connection technology is also the need for timely attention of the construction personnel, especially in the process of rebar length, pay more attention to the mechanical connection technology, the use of mechanical connection technology to ensure the stability of the construction of reinforcing steel, to enhance the technical quality of steel construction, in the process of mechanical connection, the need for professional construction personnel to use professional construction processes, in the The installation process needs to be carried out according to the installation requirements.

After the installation is completed, the quality of the installation should also be checked to see if it is qualified, and if problems are found, they should be corrected in time to avoid the phenomenon that affects the construction of reinforcing steel. To ensure that their construction technology can meet the needs of construction projects.


Along with the continuous development of China’s construction industry, the form of construction is becoming more and more diverse, and people’s requirements for construction are becoming higher and higher, therefore, more and more designers in the construction industry are beginning to innovate and develop construction technology that is more suitable for the actual situation in China, especially reinforced concrete technology is very important to ensure the quality of buildings and the loading force of the building structure, so it is necessary to strengthen the concrete technology for building construction The research efforts to ensure that the concrete technology of building construction meets the needs of China’s construction industry.

On the other hand, China’s construction industry should also strengthen the training of reinforced concrete construction technicians, establish a professional team of reinforced concrete construction, provide protection for the reinforced concrete construction of construction projects, improve the construction quality of China’s construction industry, guarantee the healthy development of China’s construction industry, further promote the development of the national economy, and promote the construction of a harmonious society.