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However they experienced ongoing supply and quality issues and came back to Reid for advice to rectify the problems and to ensure smooth transition to the production phase, as their production was ramping up. Our customer, Olectric Systems Pty Ltd is a Sydney based Marine Electrical and Electronics business, providing premium services to the marine industry. For over 20 years our collaborative approach allows us to create long term relationships working in partnership as your interface supplier.

It’s important to specify the right materials and adhesives for the right environmental considerations. Our Membrane Switches are designed to last the lifetime of the product for absolute reliability. It was founded in 1993 and it has earned high reputation in Membrane switch industry. Switches and circuits are printed with a high silver content conductive ink on to 0.125mm polyester. Integration of touch screens / displays We carry out for you the integration of touch screens / displays in almost all standard or customer-individual enclosures.

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The product range includes a wide variety of mechanical and electronic pressure and vacuum… Thinking what customers think is very important for us, this promote us improve our process and technology, this promote us keep breaking through ourselves. To achieve today’s achievement, we want to thank every of our customer. Also, we still have a long way to go in the business, and we are sure we will do the better and more better. There are a variety of different suppliers to choose from when it comes to getting the correct materials and inks for your product’s design and specifications.

This keyboard can operate in various thermal ranges of 0 °C up to + 55 °C for operating temperature and -25 °C up to 65 °C for storage temperature. The K-tronic KT-35-T-32 is a 35-key membrane keyboard suitable for use on PC’s. Metal Domes – Specifically formed metal elements that are fully mounted into a silver circuit. By pressing the key “click” they cause short-circuit and perform the given key functions.